Project reports

IDNamePartner in charge
D2.3 Communication Needs and Acoustic Processing Unit Requirements IMMS
D2.5 Methods of Performance Quantification and EEB Evaluation, Metering and Standards of BMS Systems AIT
D3.1 Acoustic measurements and audio front-end hardware IMMS
D3.2 Design and implementation of the acoustic processing unit IMMS
D3.4 Occupancy Level Monitoring and Acoustic System Validation Fraunhofer IDMT
D3.6 Flow Monitoring based on the audio modality and acoustic event detection – Research experiment Fraunhofer IDMT
D4.1 Integration of occupancy sensor network with BEMO server IMMS
D4.2 BEMO interoperability and communication architecture D'Appolonia
D4.3 BEMO control and management platform D'Appolonia
D4.4 Optimizer manual D'Appolonia
D5.3 Web-monitor system of BEM performance D'Appolonia
D7.2 Report on satisfaction of building managers, workers, passengers and visitants Solintel

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Project publications

April 2015 - Case study at CIBSE Technical Symposium

Partner AIT presented a case study titled "Simulation of proactive occupancy based HVAC control for Linate Airport, Milan" at the CIBSE Technical Symposium. The symposium was organised in London, UK on April 16-17 2015. More information about the event can be found at


March 2015 - Three papers at DAGA 2015

Partner Fraunhofer IDMT presented three papers titled "On sound source localization of speech signals using deep neural networks”, “Error-Analysis and Optimization of Distributed Microphone-Arrays for Advanced Multichannel Signal-Processing” and “Evaluation of Single-channel Reverberation Suppression as Preprocessing for Acoustic Event Detection” at the DAGA 2015. The conference was organised in Nuremberg, Germany on March 16-19 2015. More information about the event is available at


March 2014 - Paper at SEIT 2014

Partners AIT, Fraunhofer IDMT and D'Appolonia issued a paper titled "Application of Acoustic Sensing Technology for Improving Building Energy Efficiency" that has been presented at the SEIT 2014 conference. The event was organised in Hasselt, Belgium on March 2-6 2014. The paper is available online and can be downloaded at


March 2014 - Paper at DATE 2014

Partners IMMS and Fraunhofer IDMT presented the paper "Energy-efficient High-performance Acoustic Processing Unit" at the DATE 2014 conference. The event has been organised on March 24-28 2014 in Dresden, Germany. The publication is available online at


March 2014 - Three papers at DAGA 2014

Partner Fraunhofer IDMT presented three papers “Improving acoustic event detection by localization algorithms”, “A 2-Stage Approach for Joint Noise Reduction and Dereverberation by means of Multi-Channel Equalization and a Noise Processor” and “Influence of a Spherical Microphone Array on a Sound Source Number Estimator” at the DAGA 2014 conference. The conference was organised on March 10-13 in Oldenburg, Germany. More information about the event is available at


October 2013 – Paper and poster at DASIP 2013

S4ECoB partners Fraunhofer IDMT and IMMS presented a paper titled "Networked Embedded Acoustic Processing System for Smart Building Applications" at the Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing (DASIP 2013). The conference was organised in Cagliari, Italy on 8 – 10 October 2013. The paper is available at (note that the publication has a restricted access).


September 2013 – Paper at CESBP 2013

AIT presented a paper titled “Review of methods for evaluation of building energy enhancements” at the Central European Symposium on Building Physics (CESBP 2013) organised in Vienna, Austria on 9 – 11 September 2013. The paper is available in proceedings of the event:


August 2013 – Paper at iThings2013

An EAR-IT paper written by Fraunhofer IDMT and EGM researchers called “Enhancing Wireless Sensor Networks with Acoustic Sensing Technology: Use Cases, Applications & Experiments” was presented at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings2013) in Beijing, China on 20 – 23 August 2013. The paper has been awarded with the Outstanding Paper Award. The paper holds also acknowledgements for the project S4ECoB. The paper is available at the website of the EAR-IT project


July 2013 – Paper at WIAMIS 2013

A paper called "Saliency-based Modeling of Acoustic Scenes Using Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization" was presented by partner Fraunhofer IDMT at the14th International Workshop on Image and Audio Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services in Paris, France on 3 – 5 July 2013. The paper is available at (note that the publication has restricted access)


July 2013 – Poster at FuNeMS 2013

Partner Fraunhofer IDMT presented a poster titled “Acoustic Sensing Technology - Applications and Projects” at the Future Network and Mobile Summit 2013 on 3 – 5 July 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal. The poster is not available online. More information on the event can be found at


June 2013 – Article in the E2B PPP Project Review 2013

Partner Solintel submitted an article about the project for the 2013 E2B PPP Project Review publication. The publication presents FP7 funded projects in the field of energy-efficient buildings. The publication is not yet online. It is expected to be published soon at


May 2013 – Paper at IEEE ICASSP 2013

A paper titled „Blind Estimation of Reverberation Time Based on Spectro-Temporal Modulation Filtering“ was presented by project partner Fraunhofer IDMT at the 38th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2013) in Vancouver, Canada on 26 – 31 May 2013. The paper is available at (note that the publication has a restricted access)


January 2013 – Article in ERCIM News Special Issue on Smart Energy

Partner Fraunhofer IDMT published an article called “The last one turns out the light” in the 92nd issue of ERCIM News (Special Issues on Smart Energy) that explains the project approach. The article is available at