The project at a glance

The project: Sounds for Energy Control of Buildings (S4ECoB) builds a simple and cheap ICT solution for Energy Control of Buildings (ECoB).

This product is named Building Energy Management Optimiser (BEMO) - because it optimises the Building Energy Management (BEM) system. It is composed of three main parts:

1. Audio and Sensors System

  • Sensing and Listening via an adaptable, scalable and strategic network of microphones and sensors.

2. Acoustic Processing Unit

  • Meaning and Understanding via distributed units and/or central processing unit that extracts the meaning from the audio-streaming received in near real-time and detects acoustic events to discriminate the level of occupancy and type of activity.
  • Learning through a semi-automatic process of retraining its audio capacities and decision tools.

3. Web-Monitor

  • Integrating and Monitoring visually the parameters of occupancy level, conditioning and comfort in the main spaces of buildings and the surroundings areas.
  • Optimizing the strategies and algorithms of control of the conditioning and lighting systems.
  • Quantifying the energy consumptions and economic savings.


Architecture and data flow of Building Management System Optimizer