The S4ECoB project brings together high-profile teams from research institutes and industry with extensive experience in the fields of building energy efficiency, building control strategies, audio visual applications, microelectronic and mechanical components as well as consulting activities.

The different participants bring in a wide range of expertise in the research fields mentioned above and have worked in and supported projects at different development stages of research—from development and validation projects to demonstration projects. Therefore, the consortium is well-balanced in relation to the objectives of the project.

  • SOLINTEL LogoSOL provides solid knowledge about ECoB and criteria for the simulation, analysis and optimization of building energy management (BEM) systems, and is directly interested in commercializing new building energy management optimizer (BEMO) products and services;
  • FHG IDMT LogoFHG leads the acoustic computing, audio system and acoustic event detection (AED) semantic repository and it wants to consolidate their position reaching some services, products or applications in the market;
  • IMMS LogoIMMS has enough experience and competences to develop the audio sensors network and the information and communication system for the acoustic processing unit (APU), BEMO and digital control center (DCC)/BEM and collaborative services to support the extension in new performances and products.
  • D'Appolonia LogoDAP gives the international vision of ICT for ECoB as big consulting company, and will receive all the modules to integrate in a single and unique unit and to develop additional applications, services and tools for visualisation, management and learning. It guarantees the capacity for achieving the compatibility and adaptability of BEMO to several commercial solutions as well as potentially facilitating future extensions;
  • AIT LogoAIT as public national Technological Institute will be focused on—and it is interested in—leading the area of enhanced models of ECoB based on the occupancy to optimize the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting (HVACL) management; linking the project with other technological areas, extending the vision and impact;
  • SEA LogoSEA is a local public manager of critical and strategic infrastructures such as the International Linate airport that will provide all the complex and specific requirement that BEMO needs initially, and multi- criteria for the verification, validation and final evaluation of the marketable product. It is not necessary to mention that positive results in the demonstration will assure a big EU and industrial impact;
  • CORIO LogoCOR is the international corporation and big industrial partner concerning management of buildings that acts as end-user and demonstrator. It will facilitate shopping mall facilities for BEMO experimental testing, calibration and validation of BEMO prototype, and will deploy, validate and demonstrate the beneficial results that could be convincing for the extension to other centres, facilitating a successful sustainable plant;

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 284628.